Buildout and RealConnex Announce Partnership to Accelerate Sales for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

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NEW YORK, NY — March 20, 2018 —Buildout and RealConnex are pleased to announce a partnership which will enable Buildout’s clients to syndicate their listings to RealConnex’s fast-growing community of 130,000 + developers, investors, real estate brokers, and service providers.  As part of this arrangement, Buildout’s participating brokers will receive access to the entire suite of RealConnex networking, credibility, profile, Influence and prospecting tools and be able to access RealConnex’s vast resource of over 700,000 investors, lenders, service provides.
“It is with great pleasure that I announce the partnership between Buildout and RealConnex,” said Roy Abrams, CEO of RealConnex. “As we continue to aggregate more real estate professionals than anywhere else, this partnership with Buildout represents an important step toward achieving that goal by providing ability for Buildout Brokers and their listings to pass thru to the RealConnex ecosystem helping both client bases accelerate their networking within the industry. It also extends Buildout’s distribution channels for their listings and provides their brokers access to an entire professional ecosystem in one place”.
“This partnership between two big brands has the potential to fuel amazing growth and success opportunities for both partners while providing tremendous add value for each of our individual users” He added.

About Buildout
Buildout is the nation’s leading commercial real estate marketing software. Since launching in 2010, Buildout has revolutionized the entire listing process for brokerages around the country. Buildout’s marketing tool allows brokerages to produce beautiful, brand-consistent marketing instantly, save time by eliminating tedious tasks and focus on what’s most important: closing more deals and growing their business. For more information please visit

About RealConnex
RealConnex is the world’s first Accelerator connecting real estate professionals to capital, investments, services and each other. It provides all the tools a professional needs to network,  build profile, credibility & influence; tools to buy, sell & lease, prospect and connect to opportunities. Its professional real estate in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.
 Sometimes referred to as LinkedIn meets for professional real estate, the company was founded in 2013 by Roy Abrams, a 25-year veteran of the real estate and technology industries. To sign up and participate in the real estate industry’s most comprehensive networking and business development platform, click