Bersepeda hendaknya bukan asal bersepeda sebab jika salah dalam metode bersepeda, hingga badan kita jugalah yang terserang akibatnya, semacam pegal serta sakit paling utama agen sbobet di komponen punggung, leher, pundak ataupun pinggul. Cermati metode yang betul serta rasanya Kamu dapat menikmati khasiat berolahraga bersepeda.

bagaimana kita memainkan semua permainan yang akan kita menangkan, dimana kita menjadi orang terkaya serta agen bola terhebat dengan itu semua kita dapat menjadi sultan yang memiliki uang banyak.

February 23, 2018

New York, NY — February 2, 2018 — RealConnex, the largest social media networking platform for real estate professionals, is pleased to announce its recognition as the Commercial Product of the Year by the Miami Association of Realtors, the largest local realtor association in the Nation, during their Inaugural Awards Ceremony on Friday, February 2.
RealConnex was recognized among elite CRE service groups before an audience of approximately 1,000 industry leaders, due to the platform’s exponential growth and success in connecting its members. The ceremony, which was hosted at the Trump National Dorsal, began with a VIP Reception, during which the RealConnex team was awarded. RealConnex was honored alongside the Miami Association of Realtors’ Presidents, Elects and Board Members for all six Leadership Boards as they were inaugurated. This special ceremony was followed by a Chef’s Luncheon and then the Event Closing remarks.
“This merited recognition is further proof of RealConnex’s effectiveness in connecting CRE professionals, but equally important is its indication of the increasingly tech-driven nature of our industry,” said CEO Roy Abrams. “In a more connected, globalizing world, prospects will continue to migrate to an online landscape, and we hope this demonstrated value will encourage CRE professionals to join RealConnex and not miss out on opportunities.”
Primed for Exponential Growth
In addition to being the largest CRE networking platform, RealConnex is the fastest growing online community for the professional real estate market with over 700,000 opportunities for deals and transactions. RealConnex’s membership base is on pace to surpass over 1,000,000 in the United States and 2,000,000 globally within the next three years.

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