Privacy & Confidentiality

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Privacy & Confidentiality On RealConnex

RealConnex allows you to get your deal, service or asset to a global real estate market as confidentially as it needs to be.

On market, off market or just very private and confidential - Using sophisticated patent pending technology, RealConnex will connect you to the right person, opportunity or market without compromising you, your company, your service or your deal!

Professional Real Estate...Accelerated™
RealConnex combines all the sensitivities, confidentialities and methods of offline real estate practices and translates them into a more effective and efficient online platform.
How it Works:
1. Post a highly confidential deal
  • Lock down any sensitive or confidential fields
  • Set who can Follow or Network with you
  • Set who within the Real Estate ecosystem can see it - eg. Investors / Family offices only
  • Turn On the posting “Lighthouse”
2. Lighthouse
The RealConnex Lighthouse is a clever broadcast mechanism, that when turned on, connects your confidential profile or posting to the right Investor, buyer or the audience you have directed your posting to.
When a match is made, your target is alerted and invited to view the profile or posting. Any field that you had “locked down” is masked. They are invited to “Apply to View”. You are then notified and you decide whether to release the field for viewing or can choose to contact the party directly.
Who views me
Decide who is able to see, follow, or network, with you, your posts or profile
Verified member profiles and peer reviews create a transparent, reliable & accountable community
Set any field in your profile to 'private'. This allows you to screen members before showing your information
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