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Sponsors and Advertisers use RealConnex to connect to their audience to win business, build profile and dominate their sector.
Target your audience at the point of need, based on detailed criteria that’s matched with our members’ profile and site behavior.
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Sponsorship is a program that offers a solid menu of benefits including highly targeted advertising, branding and messaging in front of a fast growing community of members.
Sponsorship is intended to be a collaboration - we actively work with you to achieve your defined set of corporate or departmental goals.
Your advertising, branding or content will appear on one or more areas of the site. This could include:
  • Cards feeds within user's dashboard
  • Zone panels
  • Newsfeed
  • Listing results page
  • Right rail ad spot
  • Search widget
  • Email + more
Sponsorship Program Includes...
  • Prime ad position in your chosen sponsorship area(s)
  • Free access to our Concierge program (Value $5,000)
  • Priority position in search results
  • Discounted staff membership
  • Qualified leads
  • PR - priority inclusion in RealConnex public relations & marketing activities
  • Equity
  • Real Estate Services
  • Architectural
  • Insurance
  • Lending
  • Brokerage
  • Engineering
  • Buy, Sell, Lease
  • Investing
  • Capital Markets
  • Professional Services
  • Networking
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Credibility, Reputation & Influence
Build industry credibility, reputation & influence. All the tools to stand out from the crowd & establish yourself as a credible industry expert
Networking & JV's
Deepen and broaden your network of the right contacts & find JV partners
Buy, Sell & Lease
All the tools to connect buyers, sellers, tenants & brokers. Post once & syndicate to multiple listing services
Prospecting & Business Development
A range of prospecting tools, including the industry's largest prospecting resource of over 700,000 real estate professionals
RealConnex - A business accelerator connecting real estate professionals to Capital, Investments, Services and Each Other.
It’s networking, prospecting and business development in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.
RealConnex is the industry's fastest growing community of professionals and opportunities.
It is also the industries largest resource of over 700,000 Developers & Owners, investors, lenders, brokers, real estate advisors, design, build & engineers and other professional services.
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Here's what current partners have to say
Joseph Gabris
“You've got a wonderful tool”
Sky-Land International Realty.
“Since posting, we have received about 15 serious responses. We're doing well! This is really neat!”
James Proudlock
Private Equity Manager
“I've expanded my professional network so much faster than ever before since joining RealConnex”
Sam Wells
Real Estate Investor
“I'm in late stage negotiations with four different groups to invest in my core-plus deal. I met them all on RealConnex”
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